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The Slow Death of Heavy Metal

The Slow Death of Heavy Metal
Many godfathers of the movement are in their 60s, some close to 70 years old, including members of Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. Several hard rock and metal luminaries—Ronnie James Dio, A.J. Pero (Twisted Sister), Jeff Hanneman (Slayer), Lemmy …
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Torian – Phantoms Of The Past EP
Wer auf eine übergangslose Mischung aus europäischem und amerikanischem Power Metal steht und energiegeladene, schlüssige Songs mit starkem Gesang und hervorragendem Drumming schätzt, wird an "Phantoms Of The Past" seine helle Freude …

Chocolate, candies have high heavy metal content: Study
Candies and chocolates are associated with joy and pleasure, potentially being stimulant, relaxant, and antidepressant, but very few would know that these sweet candies have heavy metal content as well. A study published in Environmental Monitoring and …
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The Offspring To Release A New Album In 2016 Despite Their Slow Pace

The Offspring To Release A New Album In 2016 Despite Their Slow Pace
After releasing one song earlier this year after a long break, The Offspring revealed that they are planning on a new album release in 2016 despite the slow pace of the band. In a recent report by Loud Wire, guitarist Noodle revealed that they are …
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Wolf Creek 3 – Produktion zur Miniserie beginnt, neues Sequel in Vorbereitung
Lucy Fry (Vampire Academy), Deborah Mailman (Offspring), Dustin Clare (Strike Back), Miranda Tapsell (Redfern Now), Richard Cawthorne (Catching Milat), Jake Ryan (Wentworth) und Jessica Tovey (Wonderland) und natürlich Mick Taylor-Darsteller John …

Link between champion horses and offspring careers revealed
With Melbourne Cup next month and Black Caviar's daughter one of the most valuable female yearlings in Australian history if sold next year, timely research led by Dr Natasha Hamilton sheds light on the extent to which offspring resemble their parents.
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